Types of hot and cold galvanized wire and their production method

Types of hot and cold galvanized wire

Types of hot and cold galvanized wire and their production method
As you know, galvanized wire is a widely used product that is produced by galvanizing black wire. The price of galvanized wire in hot and cold types is different and appropriate, so that it is easily available to everyone and is used in various cases, either as raw materials for the production of other products or for direct consumption. Galvanized wire is considered as one of the products whose production stages are very many and this product must go through various stages in order to be able to benefit from it as a ready and functional product. Therefore, in this article, we want to introduce you to the types of hot and cold galvanized wire and the production of each one, so that you can make your purchase with more knowledge of this type of wire.

Types of hot and cold galvanized wire and their production method

Types of galvanized wire
Galvanized wire is sold in different types in the market:
According to its production method, galvanized wire is divided into two categories: hot galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire:

  1. Hot galvanized wire
    This type of galvanized wire is known as white wire, which is called Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire. Galvanized wire is heated and coated through hot dip galvanizing, black wire (st37 steel).

Hot galvanized wire is actually a heated (annealed) black wire whose carbon has been reduced to the minimum possible, very soft and permeable due to heat. Then, by dipping it in a bath of molten zinc, it is covered in a completely deep and beautiful way.

Hot galvanized wire is highly resistant to moisture, humidity and rust. It adapts to different weather conditions and all geographical regions; For this reason, it has a very long lifespan. If it is used in good weather areas, it has a lifespan of nearly 70 years. This type of wire has a smooth, polished and shiny surface. Its ability to bend and twist makes it used in woven products such as fence nets and barbed wire. At the same time, buying and using this wire is affordable.

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How to produce hot galvanized wire?
Hot galvanizing is a process of coating iron and steel with zinc. In this process, base alloys are passed through a molten zinc bath at a temperature of about 840 degrees Fahrenheit (450 degrees Celsius). When the wires are removed from the molten bath, pure zinc (Zn) reacts with oxygen in the air (O2) to form zinc oxide. It also reacts with carbon dioxide (Co2) to form a gray material called zinc carbonate (ZnCo3), which is a strong material that protects steel against corrosion and rust. This protective layer that covers the surface of the steel deeply and completely and is placed as a protective and barrier system between the steel and the air and prevents the effect of atmospheric corrosive factors on the steel.

Compared to steel, zinc metal is electropositive; This wonderful property, when the galvanized coating is damaged and the steel is exposed to air, zinc metal can still protect the steel from corrosion through cathodic protection.

  1. Cold galvanized wire
    In the cold galvanizing production method, zinc metal is deposited on the wire with electrolytic electroplating system. As a result, the thickness of zinc is low and it is not very resistant to moisture. But in the hot type, the thickness of zinc is more and as a result, it rusts later.

How to produce cold galvanized wire?
In the cold galvanizing method, after cleaning and deoxidizing the black wire, a layer is placed on it by the application of electric current and electrolyzer process. This layer is based on the cold galvanized layer, which is much thinner compared to the hot method. This process, while making the wire resistant to moisture and breaking, also makes it flexible. This operation is done with the aim of preventing the corrosion of the base metal i.e. steel and its rust.

Cold galvanized wire is usually produced with a diameter of 0.5 to 6 mm and in two forms, coil and branch, and their chemical composition and mechanical properties depend on the rebar from which it is produced. Due to the fact that black wire is used in the production of galvanized wire, so it is very soft and the percentage of its length increases as well as its resistance to bending and twisting.

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