Barbed Wire

Production steps of barbed wire

Production steps of barbed wire

Production steps of barbed wire

How to produce barbed wire?
There are different types of barbed wire and it is generally divided into two categories, linear and ring barbed wire. If the barbed wire is installed in a straight line, the barbed wire is linear. But if the method of installing it is in the form of consecutive rings in the fencing area, it is called circular barbed wire. Each of these barbed wires is divided into other categories, which include the following:

Razor or ax linear barbed wire
PVC barbed wire
Barbed wire with an ax or razor blade
Needle linear barbed wire
Barbed wire with welded blades
The basic steps and method of barbed wire production require an equipped production line and a barbed wire production machine. A special production line is needed to produce this product. Among the main features that the production line of this product should have is the ability to simultaneously produce barbed wire and produce it in single screw, double screw, ax, etc. in different sizes. On the other hand, its production line must also contain a rolling system. In general, the barbed wire production machine should have a high efficiency and its waste should be very low.

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Features of the barbed wire production line
In order to produce this product, a 40-foot container is needed to transport and maintain the barbed wire production machine and production line equipment. The type of automation production line is PLC. In general, extensive and special equipment is needed to produce any type of barbed wire. On the other hand, its production requires special processes. Therefore, the utmost care should be taken in the preparation and maintenance of basic materials and equipment. The production of this product, in addition to the barbed wire production machine and other equipment, also requires manpower to manage the work. In general, 2 people are needed for the production of single barbed wire, and 2 people are needed for the production of double barbed wire and 1 person for the punching machine. Also, 1 power is needed for the wire cover device.

Raw materials for the production of barbed wire
As mentioned, the production of barbed wire is done in two ways, normal and ax. In order to produce this product, special raw materials are needed. In order to produce ordinary barbed wire, galvanized iron wire is the main product. Galvanized iron wire has a low carbon percentage. In order to produce barbed wire, galvanized wire or galvanized sheet is also needed.

Production steps of barbed wire
In general, each barbed wire has a production method and steps that are almost different from the other. In the following, we talked about the production steps of this product:

Production of single barbed wire
In order to produce this barbed wire, the wire enters the machine in the first step. In another step, a separate wire is tied around the primary wire.

Production of traditional double barbed wire
In the production of this barbed wire, two wires are inserted by a stabilizing device. Two other wires are inserted through this device and they are tied to each other in certain sizes and sequentially.

Reverse double coil production
In order to produce this wire, two wires are inserted from the stabilizing device. After being twisted in the previous way, two other wires are inserted and tied together in a certain size. The difference between this wire and the previous barbed wire is that it is spiral.

Barbed wire production
To produce barbed wire, galvanized sheet is placed in a special machine. After that, it enters the punching machine. Finally, it enters the string separating machine. In this device, the wires are separated from each other. In a special device, a bunch of wire is wrapped around the previous wire. After that, it enters a special device that is installed in order to place the galvanized sheet. After leaving these devices, the blade and wire enter the machine for connecting the wire and the ax plate. This device connects these products together. Finally, the produced wire is made into a ring in a special machine.

last word
In the above material, we talked about how to produce barbed wire. Also, brief explanations were given about the types of this product and its required raw materials. If you intend to buy barbed wire, you need to have enough information about this product. You should also be familiar with the method and steps of its production. To buy barbed wire, fence, galvanized wire, net, and other products, Contact Vg Fence sales experts by calling +1 818 428 9 830 and get enough information about purchasing various products.

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